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2016 Election Toolkit

Airing Great Debates

Debates are crucial in educating voters about the candidates and the issues.

  • Sponsor or host a debate. Sponsoring or hosting a debate is a great way to inform voters on where local candidates stand on the issues. Stream the debate live from your website and let viewers submit real-time questions through Facebook and Twitter. Live-Tweet the event, and monitor audience reaction through an online or text poll. Post a videocast of the debate to your station website. For information on how to organize a debate, visit the Commission on Presidential Debates at
  • Plan a "Debate Watch." Bring together members of your community to watch and discuss scheduled debates. Broadcast or stream the discussion live or edit it for newscasts and online video clips. Organize a Twitter chat or live-blog the event, and encourage your audience to post reactions to your Facebook wall or Twitter handle. Provide a post-debate analysis.