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2016 Election Toolkit

Driving Voter Registration

Increasing voter registration is the first step in increasing voter turnout. There are more ways to register to vote than ever before. Help your audience understand just how easy it is to get registered.

  • Registering is easy. Many states offer online voter registration, while others even allow for same-day registration. You can also register to vote and update your registration information by mail or at your local election office. Cover these different registration options on programming segments and share them on your website. Direct your community to easy-to-use online tools, such as, and
  • Share new rules and deadlines. Update voters on important deadlines and any changes in registration rules since the last election. Reach audiences through PSAs, on-air mentions, programming segments, your website and social media. Let voters know they need to update their registration if they have moved, even if the move is only a short distance.
  • Spread the word. Get creative about how you talk about registering to vote. The more “registration” is repeated, the more your message will resonate with viewers. Use it in your tag lines, coverage and on-air talk. Air PSAs early and often in the weeks leading up to your state’s registration deadline. Make sure to include registration resources on your website and share them through social media.
  • Participate in voter registration drives. Team up with local organizations for registration drives. Use on-air personalities to encourage participation. Broadcast the event. Tweet live with a specific hashtag, and encourage attendees to Tweet about their participation using the same hashtag. Contact your local board of elections for procedures on registering community members to vote as there may be changes since the last election.
  • Go virtual. Hold a virtual registration drive on social media, encouraging people to register to vote. Link to online tools and forms, and ask your viewers and listeners to “attend” the event, invite others and share their enthusiasm with friends. Create an “I registered to vote,” graphic featuring your station’s logo and make it available for your audience to download and share on social media.