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2016 Election Toolkit

Getting Social

Social media is an election game-changer. Its role in elections is on a steady rise. Use these ideas to extend the reach of your station’s election coverage through social networking.

  • Make sharing easy. Include social sharing tools on all your online election coverage so that viewers can easily pass the information on through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and other social networking sites.
  • Keep it real-time. Keep your audience in the know through live blogging, tweeting and frequent Facebook status updates throughout your election coverage. Go live on your social media platforms from debates, candidate interviews and polling places on Election Day.
  • Grow followers. Frequently drive listeners and viewers to follow your station on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The more followers, the greater your station’s reach.
  • Get creative. When you’re limited by words and characters, let photos and videos do the talking on Twitter and Instagram. Always include links back to your election resources.
  • Join the conversation. Post questions and encourage discussion on your station’s social media accounts. Respond to comments to keep the conversation going. Retweet or share candidates’ social media posts. Keep an eye on what issues your followers are talking about, and let it help guide your election coverage.
  • Make it interactive. During debates and candidate interviews, allow listeners and viewers to share their questions and reactions through social media. Invite local candidates to take part in a special Twitter chat or virtual town hall.
  • Tag it. Develop creative hashtags to use throughout your election coverage. Tailor them to specific debates, programming or initiatives when appropriate. Incorporate your station call sign where you can.
  • Highlight participation. Spotlight followers’ social network activity and response to your campaign by sharing relevant tweets and Facebook posts on your on-air programming.