About NAB Public Service

NAB Public Service enhances public and congressional awareness of the unique impact that radio and television broadcasters have in their local communities.

Community Impact

Radio and television broadcasters serve local communities every day by disseminating lifeline emergency information; supporting our military; raising funds for local causes, including children’s hospitals and cancer research; collecting food, clothing and toys for neighbors in need; devoting free air time to political campaign coverage and promoting education and healthy lifestyles.

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NAB Spot Center

NAB Spot Center offers free, downloadable broadcast-quality radio and television public service announcements (PSAs) addressing issues of national concern from a variety of non-profit organizations.

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NAB Public Service invites nonprofit organizations and other public service partners to join us at the NAB Public Service booth at NAB Show and the Radio Show. Participating in the Public Service booth is a great opportunity to meet broadcasters and distribute PSAs.