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WSOU-FM Collects Record Clothing Donations

Date Posted: 6/30/2019

Seton Hall University’s WSOU-FM South Orange, N.J., set a new record for donations to its annual clothing drive for the Our Lady of the Sioux Church on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. The station collected enough clothing to fill 14 large boxes with clothes for all ages and seasons.

“One of the things students learn at our station is that radio is about more than entertainment, it’s about community service as well,” said General Manager Mark Maben.

WSOU Collects 900 Pounds of Food

Date Posted: 12/10/2018

Seton Hall University’s WSOU-FM South Orange, N.J. collected 908 pounds of food for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. The “Students Change Hunger” drive, held September 17 – December 10, far surpassing the previous record of 640 pounds. It is one of WSOU’s annual community service projects because nearly one million New Jersey residents, including 270,000 children, need food assistance.

“At Seton Hall we learn that broadcasting isn’t just about entertainment, it is also about partnering with others to make a difference within your listening area,” said WSOU Staff Representative Jose Feliciano. “It’s a great feeling to know that we are helping to improve people’s lives.”

Beasley’s WRAT-FM Hosts Food Drive

Date Posted: 12/7/2018

Beasley Media Group’s WRAT-FM Lake Como, N.J., collected nearly 15,000 pounds of food and 6,000 pounds of clothes during its 20th annual “Broadcast for the People of New Jersey Thanksgiving Season Collection Drive” on November 19- 20. Three local non-profits used the food to provide 12,000 meals.

WJRZ-FM Fills 50 Foot Semi-Truck with Donations

Date Posted: 11/19/2017

Beasley Media Group’s WJRZ-FM Tom’s River, N.J., held its “Share the Joy” collection drive and live radio broadcast November 18-19. The station collected $1,832 in cash and checks; $275 in gift cards; 13 pallets of food; 20 turkeys; 13 pallets of clothing; and 375 toys to benefit Ocean County Hunger Relief and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ocean City. “Year after year, 100.1 WJRZ’s listeners come through for local families in need at the holidays during our ’Share the Joy’ broadcasts, and 2017 was no exception,” said Program Director Matt Knight. “100.1 WJRZ’s listeners are dedicated to ensuring that people are able to enjoy the holidays a little bit more than they would have.”

WJLP Airing Town Hall Meeting On Heroin Crisis

Date Posted: 3/31/2017

PMCM TV’s Me TV affiliate WJLP-TV Middletown, N.J. aired A Jersey Matters Town Hall: The Heroin Crisis on March 24 to shed light on New Jersey’s growing heroin and prescription drug crisis. PMCM’s Me TV affiliate KJWP-TV Wilmington, Del., - which serves viewers in the Philadelphia metro area – also aired the special. Panelists included politicians, medical experts, actress Mackenzie Phillips and New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino.

WSOU-FM Collects 640 Pounds of Food

Date Posted: 11/4/2016

Student-run WSOU-FM at Seton Hall University participated in the “Students Change Hunger” program, collecting 640 pounds of food for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. The haul was 300 pounds more than was collected by the station in 2015. WSOU kicked-off its 2016 food drive on November 4 as part of the station’s College Radio Day activities.

WAWZ-FM Produces ‘Empty Shoe Memorial’

Date Posted: 9/11/2016

Pillar of Fire’s WAWZ-FM Princeton, N.J. produced its “Empty Shoe Memorial” in honor of the anniversary of 9/11. WAWZ-FM staff visited local business in July and August to collect 2,996 shoes to represent every person lost in the attacks at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the four plane crashes. The shoes were displayed in a local meadow from September 10 – 18 and then donated to Soles 4 Souls, an organization that fights poverty by repurposing gently-worn shoes.

Delaware and New Jersey Stations Offer Debates

Date Posted: 3/22/2016

PMCM TV’s Me-TV affiliates WJLP Middletown Township, N.J. and KJWP Wilmington, DE offered the Republican and Democrat presidential contenders an hour of primetime in the two weeks leading up to the primaries. Both stations will air the programs regardless of other candidates’ participation at 8 p.m. from April 6 – 15, leading up to the New York primary, and on April 24 before Delaware, Pennsylvania and Connecticut contests. “As longtime broadcasters, we take our public service commitment seriously,” said PMCM President and CEO Robert McAllan.

Rep. Frank Pallone Praises Broadcasters’ Heroic Work

Date Posted: 3/1/2016

At the NAB State Leadership Conference on February 23, Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) praised broadcasters’ "heroic work" in providing lifeline information during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, saying, "Their work — your work — saves countless lives." He specifically praised Greater Media’s WRAT-FM Point Pleasant for how quickly the edgy rock station switched to 24-hour news, becoming a vital information source. WRAT connected a listener to a family member who he hadn’t heard from for days. "WRAT had the privilege of broadcasting a family reunion that could not have happened without them," Pallone said. "And they did all this at the same time that the storm surge was inching closer to their station….To me that is what broadcasters are all about." Pallone recently proposed the SANDY Act to recognize the important role broadcasters play during emergencies and ensure that they get priority access to fuel for backup generators.

Student-run WSOU-FM Stays On air

Date Posted: 2/16/2016

Seton Hall University’s WSOU-FM stayed live on air while the university was closed. Students worked in shifts to provide news, weather and traffic updates. "Experiences like these help prepare students for their careers and demonstrate that student-run college radio stations can be vital souces of information for the communities they serve," said General Manager Mark Maben.

WCHR-FM Host "Boards" on Billboard

Date Posted: 1/14/2016

Townsquare Media’s WCHR-FM Tom’s River, N.J. raised $119,000 for Ocean of Love Foundation. During the fundraiser, DJ Andy Chase spent five days braving the elements and living on top of a billboard to raise awareness of the Foundation. Currently, 53 families affected by childhood cancer receive support from Ocean of Love. Watch this video showing fire trucks pull up to Andy’s billboard with sirens blaring to donate $9,500. Listen to audio and watch video of Andy coming down from the billboard.

WCTC-AM Announces Anti-Drug Themed Music Contest

Date Posted: 1/14/2016

Greater Media’s WCTC-AM New Brunswick, N.J., the New Jersey Broadcasters Association and the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey are hosting the "2016 New Jersey Shout Down Drugs!" The music competition encourages high school students to create positive messages about avoiding drugs and alcohol. A concert on May 25 will feature finalists. First place receives a $5,000 music contract; second place, $3,000; and third place $2,000.

WRAT-FM Fills Truck With 15,000 Meals and 9,000 Pounds of Clothes

Date Posted: 1/13/2015

Greater Media’s WRAT-FM Lake Como, N.J. provided roughly 15,000 meals to local residents through its 16th annual food drive. WRAT-FM filled a 48-foot tractor trailer with donations for three charities: food for the Food Bank of Ocean and Monmouth counties, clothing for Family Resource Associates, and toiletries for Holiday Express. This included 2,000 tooth brushes and 350 tubes of tooth paste, more than 9,000 pounds of clothes (up from 7,000 pounds in 2013), more than 15,000 pounds of food and 268 turkeys. Donations came in many forms: one donor brought a food-filled shopping cart on the back of his tow truck. A high school sent a school bus filled with donations.

WMGQ-FM, WCTC-AM Golf Event Supports Hospital Renovations

Date Posted: 10/2/2014

Greater Media’s WMGQ-FM and WCTC-AM New Brunswick, N.J., hosted their second annual Charity Golf Tournament in July at Royce Brook Golf Club-West. Proceeds went to Saint Peter’s University Hospital’s campaign to renovate and expand its emergency department. The event raised more than $3,000 through the raffle and $150,000 in sponsorships for the hospital.

New Jersey Woman Says CBS Radio PSA Saved Her Life

Date Posted: 8/11/2014

A New Jersey woman, Sue Muller, recently credited a CBS Radio public service announcement (PSA) with saving her life after she suffered a brain aneurysm. Sue’s husband, Jeff, had heard a PSA about the symptoms of a brain aneurysm on his commute to work. Not long after, his wife had a severe headache and neck stiffness. Jeff remembered the PSA and encouraged Sue to go to the hospital. A CT scan soon revealed that she indeed had a ruptured aneurysm.

WDHA-FM Aids Animals in Need

Date Posted: 6/8/2014

Greater Media’s WDHA-FM Cedar Knolls, N.J. found homes for 25 animals to benefit local animal shelters during its 4th Annual Rock N’ Ruff Adoption Day. In addition, the station hosted a pet drive in which they raised a record amount of supplies within three hours. WDHA-FM’s Rock N’ Ruff program was created in 2010 by WDHA-FM’s Midday Host and Music Director Terrie Carr. For the past four years, the feature has found homes for hundreds of homeless animals in New Jersey.

WXTV-TV and American Cancer Society Encourage Women to Love Themselves

Date Posted: 3/17/2014

Univision’s WXTV-TV Teaneck, N.J., and the American Cancer Society united on Valentine’s Day for the seventh year in a row to encourage women to show some love to the most important person in their life – themselves. Under the campaign "Amate a Ti Misma" (Love Yourself), hundreds of uninsured women over the age of 40 were welcomed to a free breast cancer screening and mammogram at New York’s Presbyterian Medical Center and New Jersey’s Saint Michael’s Medical Center. News anchors encouraged and supported the women during the special day of self-love and breast cancer prevention awareness.

WAWZ-FMWAWZ-FM Delivers 7,500 Pairs of Socks to Locals in Need

Date Posted: 1/10/2014

Pillar of Fire’s WAWZ-FM Somerset, N.J., partnered with Passione Legwear to distribute new socks to thousands of local people in need during the holiday season. WAWZ-FM staff, along with the Passione Legwear staff and volunteers from 15 local charities in the New Jersey and New York listening area packed 7,500 pairs of socks for delivery.

New Jersey Gubernatorial Debate Airs on Local CBS TV, Radio

Date Posted: 11/22/2013

CBS-owned WCBS-TV New York broadcast two debates in October between Republican Gov. Chris Christie and Democratic challenger New Jersey state Sen. Barbara Buono. CBS radio and TV affiliates in New York and Philadelphia, the Asbury Park Press, The Record and William Paterson University sponsored the debates. "People are interested in seeing both candidates on the same stage together for the first time," David Turner, Buono’s campaign spokesman, told the Asbury Park Press.

Local Stations Air Debate for New Jersey’s U.S. Senate Seat

Date Posted: 11/22/2013

NBC-owned WCAU-TV and Telemundo-owned WWSI-TV Philadelphia aired a debate between Cory Booker and Steve Lonegan, U.S. Senate candidates in New Jersey. Held October 9th at Rowan University, WCAU-TV anchor Jim Rosenfield moderated a panel that included NBC’s WNBC-TV New York anchor David Ushery and the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Jonathan Tamari. Viewers were invited to submit questions for the debate via WCAU-TV’s live stream.

WAWZ-FMPillar of Fire Station Distributes Gift Cards to Sandy Victims

Pillar of Fire-owned WAWZ-FM Zarephath, N.J.’s Station Manager Scott Taylor delivered gift cards to Staten Island churches to assist in Hurricane Sandy relief efforts during the holiday season. For the past two months, the station has been collecting gift cards and distributing them to their network of churches located in the areas hardest hit by the storm.

New York Times: After Hurricane Sandy, People Flock to Radio for Information

People living in the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy tuned in to radio. Arbitron reported that from 7 p.m. to midnight on October 29, when Sandy first hit New Jersey, an average of more than one million people in the New York metro area were listening to the radio during any 15 minute period, a 70 percent increase over the same period in the week prior. The area in the Arbitron report consists of New York City, five counties in New York, nine counties in New Jersey and part of one county in Connecticut. Coastal area listenership exploded, with an increase of 367 percent in Stamford and Norwalk, Conn., 247 percent in Monmouth County and 195 percent in New Jersey’s Middlesex, Somerset and Union counties. The extensive storm coverage on a variety of formats highlights broadcast radio’s service to local communities. Sean Ross, a radio analyst in New Jersey, noted that "radio still has an authority that not every tweet has."

Greater Media-Owned East Coast Stations Support Locals in Need

Greater Media’s WDHA-FM and WMTR-AM Cedar Knolls, N.J., held donation drives with the American Red Cross for food and clothing and the Animal Response Commission to collect pet donations. Both stations created volunteer and donation webpages, providing information about ways to donate to relief efforts. Greater Media’s WJRZ-FM Manahawkin, New Jersey staff spent several days after the storm collecting donations for the Ocean County Hunger Relief and the Jersey Shore Animal Center. The Ocean County Hunger Relief coordinated with all the local shelters to deliver donated food.

NBC’s Benefit Concert Draws $23 Million in Pledges

NBC’s benefit concert for Sandy victims raised nearly $23 million in donations to the American Red Cross. The hour-long event included performances by artists native to the areas hit hardest by Sandy, including Bruce Springsteen of New Jersey and Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Joel of Long Island. Sting, Christina Aguilera, Mary J. Blige, Tina Fey and Jon Stewart also participated in the benefit concert.

WAWZ-FMNew Jersey’s WAWZ-FM Supports Local Families and Churches

Pillar of Fire-owned WAWZ-FM Zarephath, New Jersey’s employees joined local churches in their ongoing relief efforts on Staten Island. Led by Business Manager Nancy Walter, the team was on-site on November 19 to serve food, sort and distribute clothing donations and offer encouragement to residents of hard-hit Midland Beach. Walter said, "We were shocked by the level of widespread devastation in the area and ongoing need...we were privileged to serve." WAWZ-FM has been receiving gift cards which it will distribute to its network of churches in hard-hit communities between Thanksgiving and Christmas to help families replace what they lost.

New Jersey Station Aids Governor’s Hurricane Relief Fund

src="" width="120" height="72" border="0" align="right" /> Townsquare Media’s WKXW-FM Trenton, N.J., is collaborating with Governor Chris Christie and his wife Mary Pat on the couple’s Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief fund. The station is promoting the fund on-air and working with Christie and his wife to collect donations for the charity, which will help rebuild hard hit areas and aims to keep the money raised within the state.

CBS to Donate $1 Million, Run PSAs, Match Employee Donations

CBS donated $1 million to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. The network also created a series of hurricane relief PSAs, which have begun running on-air. CBS CEO Leslie Moonves also announced the network will match employee contributions to the recovery efforts through the end of the year.

News Corp to Donate $1 Million to Recovery

News Corporation announced it will donate $1 million to help victims of Hurricane Sandy – $500,000 to the Mayor’s Fund for NYC and $500,000 for relief in New Jersey. The storm affected millions of people and, with the company’s global headquarters in New York City, had a direct impact on the communities within which many News Corporation employees live and work.

NBC Universal Holds Benefit Telethon

NBCUniversal held the "Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together" telethon on Friday, Nov. 2, on nine of its networks, including NBC. Today anchor Matt Lauer hosted the one-hour show which featured performances by Jon Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Christina Aguilera and others. In total, the "Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together" telethon raised more than $23 million in donations from viewers.

Governor Christie Addresses WKXW-FM Listeners During Storm

Governor Chris Christie visited Townsquare Media’s WKXW-FM Trenton after Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey. During WKXW-FM’s regular "Ask the Governor" segment, Christie told listeners that the state was taking a beating. The governor explained on Monday, "So far at least, a good portion of the state has been spared some of the worst of what we thought. But the Jersey Shore has really taken a beating, and is going to continue taking a beating tonight and into the evening."

Townsquare Media’s New Jersey Stations Want to Restore the Shore

Townsquare Media’s South Jersey stations provided in-depth, live storm coverage and post storm updates. WENJ-FM anchors Mike Gill and Todd Ranck braved the storm to produce a live video from the New Jersey Shore, despite evacuations. Sister station WSJO-FM broadcast hurricane coverage and provided a live, interactive blog and Twitter feeds to connect with listeners during the storm. After Sandy passed, WENJ-FM continued to provide updates on possible water shortages, while WSJO-FM’s "Restore the Shore" effort helped to promote the relief efforts underway throughout the region.

NJBA President Says Broadcasters Were Superb During Sandy

The Broadcasters Foundation of America (BFOA) held the Celebrity Golf Tournament at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, NJ to support broadcasters in need. More than 150 broadcasters and celebrities participated in the event, which raised more than $200,000. This year, the BFOA expects to distribute $700,000 in assistance. The Celebrity Golf Tournament is one of the Foundation’s biggest annual fundraisers.

Broadcasters Foundation of AmericaBFOA Raises $200,000 with Golf Tournament

The Broadcasters Foundation of America (BFOA) held the Celebrity Golf Tournament at Baltusrol Golf Club in Springfield, NJ to support broadcasters in need. More than 150 broadcasters and celebrities participated in the event, which raised more than $200,000. This year, the BFOA expects to distribute $700,000 in assistance. The Celebrity Golf Tournament is one of the Foundation’s biggest annual fundraisers.

Radio Stations Host 2nd Annual College Radio Day

Over 550 college and high school radio stations in 28 countries participated in the second annual College Radio Day (CRD). Founding Professor Rob Quicke of WPSC-FM at William Paterson University told Radio Ink, that the "college/high school radio is an important and vital medium." The ultimate goal of CRD is to inspire people to tune into their local college and high school radio stations and hear the unique broadcasts offered around the world.

Nick Cannon Gives Family New Car

After a two week search based hundreds of listener nominations, a family in New Jersey received a holiday dream come true thanks to morning show host Nick Cannon’s “Breaking and Entering” Christmas. Cannon and his staff secretly entered the home of the unsuspecting family and placed tons of wrapped toys, electronics, and clothes under the tree. 92.3 NOW listeners made generous donations online to help out. The winning family received a catered dinner and a completely made-over living room with brand new furniture. As an added surprise, the family also came home to a brand new 2012 Toyota Camry in their driveway.

"Everyone deserves to have a happy holiday and Toyota of Hackensack was honored to be able to give a new Camry to the chosen family,” said owner Frank Holtham.

Both parents are going through chemotherapy while raising two young children. Due to their extensive medical bills, they are in need of financial help and couldn’t provide a proper Christmas for their children. They don’t know who was behind this holiday surprise, but the family was overjoyed to come home to a Christmas miracle.

WHTG-FM Airs Pet Adoption Segments

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Every dog that has been featured on WHTG-FM in Neptune, N.J., has gone home a happy pup. "GRock and Ruff" adoption segments, short profiles of pets living at the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), have a 100 percent adoption rate. The great success of the program has made room at the no-kill shelter to take dogs and cats from other shelters without no-kill policies. For each segment, the animal makes a visit to the studio, where WHTJ’s Terri Carr interviews Diane Peterzilla from the SPCA to allow listeners a glimpse into the life of Queenie, Muffin, Ginger and other four-legged friends. Each featured pet’s segment airs more than 35 times. During the last 15 months, a different animal has gotten a chance for adoption every week. At the conclusion of each "GRock and Ruff" segment, viewers are directed to the station Web site, which houses a dedicated area with video of each pet playing with WHTJ staff.

WWOR-TV Covers "March for Babies"

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When hundreds came together to "March for Babies" in Brookdale Park, WWOR-TV of Secaucus, N.J., was there with its cameras interviewing participants and giving updates on the event’s success. For the month before the March of Dimes walk, the station aired public service announcements featuring Chief Weather Anchor Audrey Puente, who emceed the annual event. A microsite within the station’s Web site housed photos and video clips from previous events and a link to the March of Dimes site. Brochures and posters at the station built enthusiasm among staff, and a WWOR team took to the course. As the exclusive media sponsor for the March of Dimes New Jersey Chapter, WWOR has a goal of increasing awareness, raising funds and building community support for the organization. In addition to support for the walk, medical issues related to the March of Dimes’ awareness campaigns, such as premature birth, are covered in news stories and "Real Talk," WWOR’s public affairs program. To date, $265,000 has been raised for the March of Dimes in Essex County. "We had a wonderful response to having WWOR present and having Audrey Puente participate in the event," said Shannon Rodia Hurley, communications manager for March of Dimes New Jersey Chapter. "Having them helped us generate community support. The community looks to WWOR."

WAWZ-FM Hosts Concert for Hope

Following the shooting deaths of three local college students, WAWZ-FM in Zarephath, N.J., brought thousands of people together for a concert to begin the healing process and benefit the Goodwill Rescue Mission in Newark. Through numerous live and recorded promotions, the station invited listeners throughout the region to the "Concert for Hope" and autograph signing with the Casting Crowns, a popular Christian rock group. On-air personalities greeted the crowd of more than 4,000 people, and $5,000 was raised for the mission. "When Casting Crowns’ music started bouncing back off the buildings in downtown Newark, we knew that change was underway," said Stacy Stone, WAWZ’s event coordinator and morning show co-host. The station’s many outreach efforts to its community during the year also included organizing a benefit concert for families that were affected by flooding in the area. WAWZ was awarded the National Association of Broadcasters Crystal Radio Award in 2008.

Radio Stations Sponsor Walk to End Cancer

A local walk in honor of Patty McDonald, a child who succumbed to cancer, has doubled the amount of money it raises on an annual basis since WTKU-FM, WJSE-FM and WMGM-TV in Linwood, N.J., came on board as media sponsors two years ago. This year, the 7th annual "Patti McWalk" raised $35,000 for the South Jersey Cancer Fund. Both radio stations played public service announcements for six weeks leading up to the event, and WMGM included screen crawls in their programming. All three stations broadcast live from the walk, and the radio stations provided music on the course. Rep. Frank LoBiondo (R-2nd) was there with his two dogs and went on camera with WMGM. After the walk concluded, an auction at a nearby café began. The stations help raise additional funds by donating a basket of auction items, including autographed CDs and memorabilia.

WDHA-FM and WMTR-AM Create "Kids Who Rock" Program

Making sure children who have already done something extraordinary in their short lives get recognized, WDHA-FM and WMTR-AM in Cedar Knolls, N.J., created an annual "Kids Who Rock" program. Each year, parents, teachers and neighbors are invited to nominate children who are making a difference in the lives of others. Every Friday, for a 10-week period, the stories of two "Kids Who Rock" are read on-air by morning show personalities and then posted on the station Web site. Listeners have learned about kids who saved a life, young people who raise funds for our deployed troops, and children who donate time each week to help out others. The stations contacted schools of kids who were being featured, and some principals played the segment over the intercom. The program is supported by promotional announcements and newspapers ads taken out by both stations. At the end of the 10 weeks, all 20 "Kids Who Rock," along with their parents and the people who nominated them, are honored at a dinner awards gala. At the 2007 gala, WDHA and WMTR also raised money for the Special Olympics of New Jersey through a silent auction.

WNNJ-FM Provides Lifeline Storm Coverage

In a community where nearly seven out of every 10 residents commute out of the county for work, the up-to-date weather and road condition information provided by WNNJ-FM in Newton, N.J., is crucial. In late 2007, winter brought nearly a dozen snow days. Emergency generators, along with a team of dedicated engineers who fought off severe icing, kept the station on the air the entire time. When the station lost its heat, staff put on additional sweaters and continued to get information out about the status of the areas many two-lane roads and business and school closures. Local police, fire and emergency officials use the station to get needed information to all residents throughout the winter season.