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WBMA-LP, WJSU-TV and WCFT-TV Air Critical Safety Information

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns | VIDEO

When a heat wave hit in the summer of 2007, threatening the health of the young and the elderly, WBMA-LP , WJSU-TV and WCFT-TV in Birmingham, Ala., broadcast safety information on how to avoid heatstroke and started an air conditioner campaign to help those who couldn’t afford one. Viewers were encouraged to donate window units or monetary contributions for the purchase of new units. Nearly $20,000 worth of airtime was donated in public service announcements and on-air support of the drive. In total, 235 families in 31 ZIP codes across central Alabama received air conditioners, providing them protection throughout the several weeks of triple digit temperatures when the combination of humidity and sun sent the daily heat index soaring.

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