KBBO-FM, KDBZ-FM, KFAT-FM and KXLW-FM Send 1,000 CDs to Troops

Topic: Military-Focused Initiatives

When a deployed master sergeant in the Air Force sent an email asking if KBBO-FM, KDBZ-FM, KFAT-FM and KXLW-FM in Anchorage, Alaska, had any extra CDs lying around that could be sent to him, the stations responded in a much bigger way. In the months following, a DVD and CD drive was organized to send a bit of entertainment to troops away from home. A mixture of recorded promotional announcements and live liners got listeners interested three weeks prior to the drive. On the day of the event, the stations paired off and broadcast live from two different video store locations for seven hours. More than 1,000 DVDs and 500 CDs were collected during the one-day drive. Listeners continued to drop off donations for weeks after the live broadcast. The stations worked with the Alaska Army National Guard to ship the CDs and DVDs to troops from Alaska who are serving overseas.

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