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KTLO-AM/FM and KCTT-FM Promote Healthy Living

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns AUDIO

To serve the large retirement-age population in the area, KTLO-AM/FM and KCTT-FM in Mountain Home, Ark., started an annual event 17 years ago focused on the lifestyle and health of older Americans. Today, more than 3,500 people come to the KTLO/KCTT Senior Expo and Baxter Regional Medical Health Fair each year. With many free and low-cost screening tests, including hearing, eyesight, cardiac health and blood sugar, the fair provides access to needed health services. For weeks before the two-day event, the stations run hundreds of promotional spots. In 2008, 12 live interviews with hospital staff about the importance of the screenings were broadcast to motivate community members to attend. On the day of the expo, live cut-ins aired every hour. "In the ever-changing world of health care it is crucial to impart information to the general public in a variety of venues," said Donna McMullen, director of marketing for Baxter Regional Medical. "It has been a pleasure to partner with KTLO/KCTT and serve the community needs in such a necessary manner for these many years." As pioneers in this area, KTLO and KCTT are helping other stations start up similar health efforts in other areas of the state.

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