KFKA-AM "Stuffs a Truck" for Needy Families

Topic: Military-Focused Initiatives

Filling a 26-foot truck from front to back with items needed by deployed U.S. soldiers was the kick-off event for KFKA-AM in Greeley, Colo., to begin an AdoptaPlatoon effort in northern Colorado. AdoptaPlatoon is a nonprofit national organization to support our troops, which local groups can use as a foundation for similar activities. KFKA’s September 2007 "Stuff-A-Truck" multi day event involved organizing collection sites in businesses throughout the community with heavy foot traffic and planting a moving truck near a busy intersection, where the station broadcast live, asking listeners to make donations and interviewing military and AdoptaPlatoon organizers. In addition to the 15,264 pounds of material donations made as of December 2007, more than $11,000 has been raised for postage to send the supplies. KFKA is following "Stuff-A-Truck" with a "Stuff-A-Store" event, and offers continual support to AdoptaPlatoon through the station’s Web site, where information about needed items and collection centers is readily available. A recent letter from a company commander best summed up the impact of the effort: "My troopers’ deployment is finally drawing to a close and hopefully, they leave knowing two things: One, they have done an outstanding job here; and two, America loves and supports them. They should take the credit for the first, and you for the second."

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