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KRAI-FM Airs Special on Meth Abuse

Topic: Drug Prevention

Driven by the desire to help its community eradicate methamphetamine abuse, KRAI-FM of Craig, Colo., organized a workshop to help educate employers about the legalities of drug testing and held a community-wide event to raise awareness about the drugís dangers. At the Communities Overcoming Meth Abuse (COMA) Drugs in the Workplace event, a local attorney armed local business owners with a better understanding of the legal issues and helped them draft drug testing policies for their workplaces. The station promoted the event with on-air information, six newscasts, a five-minute morning show interview and Web-based promotion on the stationís news and events page. KRAI then ran 180 minutes of produced and live promotions, 15 minutes of morning show interviews, stories on six newscasts and prominent Web site coverage for the COMA Community Appreciation Barbecue, which drew more than 300 people together for free food and a live concert in support of eliminating meth from the community. The stationís staff contributed 42 hours to put on the event. KRAI was a National Association of Broadcasters Crystal Award finalist in 2008.

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