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WTOP-FM Airs "The Politics Program"

Topic: Community-Focused Initiatives

Radio listeners in the nation’s capitol have the opportunity to not only hear about the tough issues but to discuss them with the decision makers thanks to two programs produced by WTOP-FM in Washington, D.C. "The Politics Program," which airs weekly, has hosted the Maryland and Virginia governors, the D.C. mayor, the majority leader of the U.S. Senate and former Sen. John Edwards. The program mixes analysis with news to provide listeners with the most current insider’s view about the men, women and issues shaping our nation. The station’s "Ask the …" series connects listeners directly with local officials such as the police chief and mayor, supervisors from the county board of supervisors and the general manager of the Metro, the area’s local mass-transit system. If listeners miss a broadcast, both programs are available as Podcasts from the station’s Web site. "The Politics Program" and "Ask the …" are part of the 6,000 minutes of public affairs and local programming WTOP aired in 2007.

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