KGMZ-FM Brings Awareness to Domestic Violence

Topic: Safety Initiatives AUDIO

When two women in the community were tragically killed by domestic abuse during the first 17 days of 2008, morning show host Ed Kanoi from KGMZ-FM in Honolulu, Hawaii, knew something needed to be done. The first step involved broadcasting an interview with Carol Lee, executive director of the Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The broadcast raised awareness of the problem, gave discussion to how violence was affecting the community and proposed ways in which people could address it. Lee also was interviewed on the public affairs shows of sister stations KHUI-FM and KHCM-FM. A public service announcement (PSA) featuring Lee and resources for those needing help runs regularly on all seven stations in the Salem Media of Hawaii radio cluster. "As a result of the PSA, we have received dozens of calls from individuals who want to become part of the solution," said Lee. "Salem Media is helping us reach thousands of individuals who can work with us to make Hawaii’s communities safer."

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