KLEW-TV Lewiston Hosts Prostate Cancer Streaming Event

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns

In a single day, four hundred men received a potentially lifesaving cancer screening test brought to the area by a partnership between KLEW-TV in Lewiston, Idaho,and the National Prostate Cancer Coalition. The coalition has mobile units that travel to underserved areas to provide men with free screenings. KLEW let its viewers know about the opportunity with a public service announcement campaign. The station also purchased newspaper and radio ads, which ran for two weeks prior to the event. After its Lewiston stop, the testing unit went on to screen men in the state of Washington, where KEPR-TV and KIMA-TV provided media support. "Through this partnership, men in the local community became better informed regarding annual prostate cancer screenings and the importance of taking ownership of one’s health," said Katie Gorscak from the National Prostate Cancer Coalition. "It’s because of media partners like these that we’re able to stretch our dollars, screen more men and save more lives." To date, the coalition’s mobile testing units have screened more than 65,000 men.

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