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KTVB-TV Boise Airs Special on Meth Abuse

Topic: Drug Prevention

Raising community awareness about the dangers of methamphetamine was just the beginning for KTVB-TV of Boise, Idaho. What began as a community public service project to help combat the use of the highly addictive drug ultimately helped breathe new life into area coalitions, encouraged businesses to consider implementing drug-free workplaces, led to a new detoxification center and inspired the Idaho governor to launch a multimillion dollar media campaign against meth. The stationís efforts included news stories during "News at 10," a "Life or Meth" documentary, and remotes at area schools and businesses. KTVBís Web site featured a "March Against Meth" splash page, news stories, a live-stream town hall meeting, public service announcements, and links to resources and treatment centers. The KTVB news group produced 16 different "March Against Meth" announcements that aired more than 1,300 times at a value of $84,590. That was just one part of more than $200,000 worth of resources the station dedicated to the campaign in a 30-day period. KTVB was a National Association of Broadcastersí Service to America Award winner in 2008.

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