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WHO-AM Des Moines Supports Teen Golf Challenge

Topic: Drug Prevention

At the 10th Annual Teen Challenge Golf Marathon, WHO-AM in Des Moines, Iowa, broadcast live, and on-air personalities put their athletic abilities to the test to raise funds for Iowans overcoming addictions. One case in point: Mark Allen, the WHO morning sportscaster, took out an iron at a par three hole and hit three balls for each listener who called in a pledge of $50 or more. By the 100th hole in the marathon, more than $126,000 had been raised for Teen Challenge of the Midlands, a faith-based live-in program to help teens and adults trying to turn their lives around and become sober. All team spots were sold out for the event, thanks in part to WHO’s media sponsorship, which included three months of promotional announcements, live mentions and feature stories about people who have gone through the program and beat their addiction. "WHO has helped us transform Teen Challenge from one of the state’s best kept secrets to an organization that many citizens now recognize and think highly of," said Pastor Warren Hunsberger, the regional director of Teen Challenge of the Midlands. "Our golf marathon is our principle fund-raising event, and WHO has put it on the map."

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