WANE-TV Ft. Wayne Promotes “Go Red for Women”

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns | VIDEO

Most women don’t know that heart disease is the number one killer of women in this country, which is why WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, Ind., teamed with the American Heart Association for a second year to raise awareness and help women get heart healthy. The “Go Red for Women” campaign focuses on education about heart disease risk and prevention. In 2008, the station ran two weeks of promotions about upcoming “Go Red” programming. Their “Straight to the Heart” news segments included information on heart attack symptoms and an interview with a local woman who survived a heart attack at age 36. Taking the programming a step further, the station brainstormed ways to make the campaign interactive. Enlisting the services of a local cardiologist and an emergency medicine physician, the station hosted two hour-long Web chats, which allowed their viewers to ask questions through the station Web site. Transcripts of the Web chats, videos, health stories and links to the American Heart Association remain posted in a special section of the site. The station estimates the “Go Red” message reached 427,000 women ages 35 and older in their viewing area this year. “Raising awareness is the first powerful step to saving women’s lives. WANE’s commitment to make women aware of their risk and take action is no doubt saving lives,” said Kevin Harker, executive vice president of the Midwest affiliate of the American Heart Association.

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