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WISH-TV Indianapolis Launches Year-Long "Eye on Kids" Program

Topic: Youth-Focused Initiatives | VIDEO

Putting children first, WISH-TV of Indianapolis, Ind., kicked off a year-long program called "Eye on Kids" that quickly became an umbrella campaign to assist community leaders with issues regarding parents and schools, juvenile courts and law enforcement, the health care system and more. The station produced a wide range of programs as part of the comprehensive effort, including two one-hour primetime specials featuring experts discussing childhood obesity, bullying and the importance of role models. "Kids Count Minutes" offered weekly, 60-second educational health tips ranging from childhood obesity to the health benefits of good sleep habits. Special programming encouraged reading, and there was a "Back to School Family Day" to help underserved children get ready for the school year with everything from immunizations to school supplies. The stationís "Day of Caring" helped improve the safety and quality of a local early development center with a one-day volunteer blitz. The weekly "Eye on Kids News Reports" gave viewers a more complete understanding of legal issues affecting children. Overall in the 12 months, WISH helped organize and support 36 community-based efforts focused on children and raised more than $500,000 for childrenís organizations.

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