KFLY-TV Collects 200 Tons of Food, $50,000

Topic: Neighbors in Need

For 21 years, KFLY-TV in Lafayette, La., and its viewers have shown their dedication to feeding the hungry in surrounding Acadiana. The stationís "TV10 Foodnet Food for Families" drive brought in 200 tons of food and $50,000 in cash donations in 2007. On the day of the drive, the station broadcast live during all on-air shows, as hundreds of volunteers worked at 21 drop sites gathering donations of food, personal hygiene products and baby items. KFLY news crews visited all 21 locations to conduct interviews and shoot news packages with staff and volunteers. At the Cajundoame, which acts as the main Lafayette donation drop, community members lined up in the parking lot, where cars, school buses, womenís clubs, 4-H and even the local Harley-Davidson group donated "drive through" style. The giving started with the 5 a.m. newscast and did not end until the 10 p.m. newscast was over. The drive has become a part of the communityís fabric, with participants returning year after year. Store shelves were emptied because of their generosity. "At the end of the day you are exhausted and full of love," said Station Manager Maria Placer. "It is amazing what can be done in one day."

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