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WXVT-TV Blood Drive Generate 250 Pints of Blood

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns | VIDEO

A friendly competition between the weatherman and morning anchor from WXVT-TV in Greenville, Miss., brings in lifesaving donations for the Mississippi Blood Center. Now in its second year, the "12 Days of Giving" blood drive encourages viewers to help their favorite on-air personality win by donating blood at the location that person is stationed. For 12 days, the weatherman and anchor make daily blood drive appearances. Each summer, a similar concept pits WXVTs morning host against an on-air personality from WDMS-FM for the "A.M. Host You Like the Most" blood drive. The two on-air personalities are put in "jail" and can only be freed by blood donations on their behalf. They compete to see who can get out of jail first. In 2007, the two efforts generated more than 250 pints of blood. "Without the generous support of WXVT through their talent and their time, countless lives throughout Mississippi would not be saved," said Rayette Serio, operations manager for the Mississippi Blood Services Greenville Division.

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