Dillon Stations Feature Local High School Students

Topic: Education

Youth in the community are often the focus of programming on KDBM-AM and KBEV-FM in Dillon, Mont. Once a week, the class president of the local high school interviews fellow students at the studio for the "Beavs in Motion" segment, which gives area kids real-life experience and keeps the community up-to-date on what’s happening at the school. Early every Wednesday morning, when farmers and ranchers are typically tuned in, both stations air a segment featuring children from the Future Farmers of America who share current projects, from raising a steer for the county fair to proper grooming of horses. The stations also broadcast 250 high school and university games, including football, basketball, volleyball and wrestling, throughout the year. In addition, significant airtime is dedicated to the high school and university Rodeo Clubs, including the regular "Rodeo Roundup Show," which features the rodeo instructor from the University of Montana Western twice each week. "We are a small town with a lot of really good kids," said KDBM/KBEV President Jo Ann Juliano. "The kids and their well-being are very important to us."

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