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KTVN-TV Collects 150,000 Families

Topic: Neighbors in Need

To make sure those experiencing hard times in the northern part of the state don’t go hungry, KTVN-TV in Reno, Nev., organizes an annual "Share Your Holiday Food Drive." Over the last two years, the effort has provided more than 150,000 meals. On the day of the drive, on-air coverage starts at 5 a.m. "Share Your Holiday" is the focus of programming for the majority of the day, with live remotes airing from four collection sites. Station staff and volunteers gather donations from viewers’ cars. The station starts gearing up the community for the holiday event in November with public service announcements featuring its four main evening anchors. To help encourage business and groups to make large donations, the station also provides news coverage of check presentations. With a 15-year history, the event has become a critical source of help for those in need. A total of 128,743 pounds of food was collected during the 2007 drive, making it a record-breaking year. The drive provides resources to more than 110 agencies.

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