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NHP-TV Promotes Healthy Eating, Exercise

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns

To combat the obesity epidemic, NHP-TV in Durham, N.H., created LiveFIT NH, a project aimed at engaging the community in healthy eating and physical activity habits. The two-year initiative involves broadcast segments, outreach activities and online resources for individuals, families and schools. The LiveFIT multi-part series airs on the stationís public affairs show and has tackled many topics, including brown bag lunches, physical activity in schools and how to read food labels. The community has been invited to do the "LiveFIT challenge," which involves six actions to improve health. The station broadcasts regular "Fit Tips," public service announcements aimed at helping those trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle. A broad range of information and resources has been posted on the station Web site. In 2007, more than 30 LiveFIT community events were held across the state. The station gave away beach balls, jump ropes and pedometers to the more than 3,500 people who attended to help motivate them to get fit. "I eat fruits for snacks and lots of colors at every meal," said Alexandra K., a girl from Stratham, N.H., whose family is participating in the program. "And I like to play outside and get exercise." The station has been recognized for its efforts with the 2007 Outstanding Achievement Award from the New Hampshire Governorís Council on Physical Activity and Health.

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