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KSMX-FM Helps Families Keep Warm

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The "Rooney and Moon Morning Show" hosts from KSMX-FM in Clovis, N.M., are willing to do anything to make sure families have a proper Christmas, even be "frozen alive." In 2007, Duffy Moon, agreed to stay in a 7,200 pound ice block for as long as it took to raise the $20,000 needed to fund that stationís annual "Secret Santa" campaign. The idea to raise money to give to families on the High Plains that may be facing a bleak Christmas or, worse yet, no Christmas at all, started four years ago. To date, the effort has collected more than $82,000 and provided a special holiday to 41 families. The Christmas delivery involves station staff and volunteer "elves" from the community, who show up with a tree, lights, Christmas dinner, groceries and presents. Listeners get to hear the experience on-the-air the next day. "The entire project, by far, is the most rewarding thing we do year in and year out," said Steve Rooney. One story that stands out involves a family of five who had lost everything in a home fire. The stationís Christmas delivery, which included new furniture, was met with awe, but the family had one additional request. A woman had saved their lives by honking her horn until they woke up on the night of the fire. They wanted the stationís help to find their guardian angel. After the story broadcast, the women came forward, and the familyís reunion with her was aired live.

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