WHP-AM Supports the Troops

Topic: Military-Focused Initiatives

After U.S. troops first entered conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq, morning show host RJ Harris from WHP-AM in Harrisburg, Pa., began the now annual WHP Troop Support Rally. Between performances of live patriotic music, military, families of military, political leaders, dignitaries and veterans take the microphone on the front steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol. The 2007 rally kicked off with a flyover by the local 193rd Pennsylvania Air National Guard, which routinely serves in Afghanistan and Iraq. Below, 3,500 people gathered in support of the troops. The rally was promoted with 300 public service announcements. One month before the event, WHP partnered with a local grocery store to sell patriotic magnets. The proceeds, which exceeded $150,000, went to the United Service Organizations (USO). WHP also supported a local Girl Scout cookie drive, which raised funds to send several hundred pounds of cookies to military stationed away from home.

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