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KGSR-FM Hosts ’Fan Fare Friday’

Topic: Neighbors in Need

Providing great music while raising funds to protect the elderly from the heat of a Texas summer was the goal behind "Fan Fare Friday," an event organized by KGSR-FM in Austin, Texas, to benefit Family Eldercare. The station organized a concert featuring local musicians and required the donation of a box fan or the monetary equivalent for admission. Seventy-five minutes of live and recorded announcements on the air and streamed on the station’s Web site rallied listeners to attend. The value of donations exceeded $50,000. KGSR broadcast live from the event for 12 hours and thanked the crowd with t-shirts and CDs giveaways. In January 2008, KGSR was honored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in the Greater Austin Area as Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation for its fan drive efforts.

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