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WVEC-TV Supports 25 Years of Miracles

Topic: Youth-Focused Initiatives

The long-term commitment of WVEC-TV in Norfolk, Va., to The Childrenís Hospital of The Kingís Daughters has helped bring 25 years worth of miracles to local kids. Each summer, the hospital, which houses the only pediatric emergency room and surgical facility in the area, receives crucial support from WVEC viewers during the "Childrenís Miracle Network Telethon Celebration." Donations from the 2007 telethon reached $3.3 million. During the five-hour live broadcast, which is the regionís single largest fundraiser for a childrenís cause, patients and their families shared stories of perseverance and hope. WVEC medical editor Kathryn Barrett reported live from the hospitalís neonatal intensive care unit and local organizations and businesses that held fundraisers throughout the year had the opportunity to present their donations on the air. In addition to the telethon, the station provides year-round support, including weekly news interviews with medical staff from the hospital, public service announcements for additional fundraising campaigns and the participation of station talent at events. WVEC gives more than $100,000 worth of airtime to the hospital each year.

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