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KAZX-FM and KKFG-FM Raise Thousands for Special Olympics

Topic: Youth-Focused Initiatives

With the help of KAZX-FM and KKFG-FM in Farmington, N.M., thousands of dollars are raised each year at the “Cops and Lobster” event for the Special Olympics. For two days, 100 local, county and state law enforcement officers can be found volunteering their time to sell donated items from local businesses, such as t-shirts and knickknacks, to patrons at a local seafood restaurant. In 2008, a record-breaking $12,000 was raised to support 40 local Special Olympians. The event kicks off on a Friday at lunchtime, and both stations broadcast live with their morning show teams. The stations make continuous on-air mentions throughout the event. As the exclusive media sponsors, both KAZX an KKFG gear up listeners in advance with mentions starting two weeks before, a presence on their Web sites, and in-studio interviews with members of the police department and representatives from the San Juan County Special Olympics. “It is an awesome, small-town, warm-fuzzy event,” said Jennifer Dennis from the KAZX morning show.

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