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WAVJ-FM Works With Local High School Students on Anti-Smoking PSA, Food Drive

Topic: Youth-Focused Initiatives

With its staff of five dedicated to supporting the community, WAVJ-FM in Princeton, Ky., worked with local high school students on two important campaigns in 2007. First, the station raised awareness about the dangers of smoking by playing anti-smoking public service announcements produced by the students at Caldwell County High School. For the second effort, the station provided key on-air support for the Caldwell County High School Food Drive, an annual month-long competition between schools in the area. WAVJ aired more than 100 promotional announcements and broadcast live from the kick-off event at a neighborhood market, where more than 500 canned items were collected for the needy. The station also opened its doors to the students, inviting them to come to the studio and record announcements in support of their food-donation team.

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