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KSAS-FM Boise Host Stays on Air for 175 to Raise Awareness for Child Abuse

Topic: Youth-Focused Initiatives

Radio personality KekeLuv broke a world record when he broadcast for 175 hours straight on KSAS-FM in Boise, Idaho. The afternoon jock gave up his shut-eye for seven consecutive days to stay with the microphone and raise awareness about child abuse. The marathon broadcast marked the beginning of National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and KekeLuvís time on air was used to let listeners know about the work and financial needs of Idahoís Heart, a statewide child abuse prevention center. Emails and calls poured into the station during the "Live for 175" broadcast, leading to open discussions about abuse and ways to prevent it. KekeLuv says his week without sleep was well worth it. One note sent to the station from students at Taft Elementary School said "Thank you for helping to make the world safe for us." Both KekeLuv and KSAS were recognized in the Congressional Record for the week-long broadcast.

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