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WCVB-TV Hosts "Commitment 2008"

Topic: Politics and Election Coverage

Voters will head to the polls during the historic 2008 presidential elections more informed because of the efforts of WCVB-TV in Needham, Mass., and their "Commitment 2008" campaign. During the past year, the station has provided viewers with special election programming and extensive online resources. In advance of the New Hampshire primaries, WCVB and its parent company, Hearst-Argyle Television Inc., launched "Conversations With the Candidates," a series of one-on-one interviews with the contenders. The segments helped unveil the ideological differences amongst candidates. WCVB also produced and aired Democratic and Republican primary debates during primetime for the special election in the fifth Congressional District. Online "Commitment 2008" resources include a side-by-side comparison of where candidates stand on the issues, headlines from the campaign trail, video reports and specific resources for voters in Massachusetts, such as Election Day information and poll locations.

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