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KTBS-TV Airs Prostrate Cancer PSA

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns

It was a lifesaving event. Free prostate cancer screenings, brought to the community by KTBS-TV in Shreveport, La., in partnership with Regional Urology, helped several men detect the disease early, when it is most treatable. The station set up a mobile screening unit at its KTBS 3 Boat and Sport Show, making it a convenient stop for the tens of thousands of people the event attracts. To help viewers tune into the facts about prostate cancer and the opportunity to be screened, the station produced public service announcements (PSAs) featuring the fire chief, local doctors and other high-profile people in the community. In addition, the station aired a series of news stories spotlighting survivors and a half-hour special about prostate cancer. During the day-and-a-half event, 550 men were screened. "We know that several men were diagnosed with prostate cancer, and some were found just in time, before it spread," said Jan Elkins, who heads up community affairs for KTBS. After the event, the station ran a three-month PSA campaign to continue to raise awareness, potentially saving even more lives.

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