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All Arizona TV Stations Air Documentary on Crystal Meth Addiction

Topic: Drug Prevention
Date Posted: 1/1/2014

Television stations across Arizona inspired statewide action, including town hall meetings and discussion groups, when they simultaneously aired a commercial-free broadcast of "Crystal Darkness," a 30-minute Emmy-Award winning documentary about the growing problem of methamphetamine addiction, which has ties to 60 percent of non-violent crime in the state. Together, the television stations reached an audience of 1.5 million with the documentary, which was aired in both English and Spanish on April 13, 2008. The reach of this unprecedented effort was augmented by the many Arizona radio stations that ran audio versions of the documentary. KPNX-TV in Phoenix, Ariz., served as the satellite television center, and all participating stations ran promotional spots and local news stories about both the program and the problem of meth in the area. The broadcasters reached out to a local health care system to set up a central phone bank where viewers and listeners of all stations could call to get help. "There is no way in any community that you can have impact on crime without broadcasters’ support," said Sgt. Paul Penzone of the Phoenix Police Department. "Broadcasters went well above the bar with ‘Crystal Darkness’ to make a contribution that was significant."

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