WKDZ-FM Supports Rotary Club Auction

Topic: Education

For a week each year, those behind the microphone at WKDZ-FM in Cadiz, Ky., become auctioneers during the Rotary Radio Auction. Both the station and the local Rotary Club were founded in 1966 and have been partners since the beginning. The 41st annual auction brought in bids from across the country and raised more than $160,000. Fifty percent of this money funds grants and scholarships for students in Trigg County; the other half supports youth and senior programs. The auction takes place over a week with 27 hours of live broadcast. A full series of promotional spots plays for weeks before the event, and on the first night of the auction, the station runs a one-hour program about the work of the Rotary Club. The money raised through the auction has quadrupled in the past eight years. General Manager Beth Mann attributes some of this success to a daily effort by WKDZ to talk on the air about where money raised by the auction has gone and who it has helped. "The money is filling a need every day," said Mann, who also serves on the Rotary committee for student grants.

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