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KUTV-TV Launches Prenatal PSA Campaign

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns

It turns out 13 is a lucky number, at least when you are talking about prenatal care. KUTV-TV in Salt Lake City, Utah, together with the Utah Department of Health and Intermountain Healthcare are reminding mothers-to-be to seek regular and early prenatal care through their "Baby Your Baby" program. The public service announcement (PSA) campaign encourages women to go to their doctor before the 13th week of pregnancy and to see their health care provider at least 13 times throughout pregnancy. "Baby Your Baby" started two decades ago as an intensive outreach program encouraging prenatal care; the results were significant. One year after the program launched, pregnancy loss and infant death rates fell; the decreases were the largest in Utah history. Twenty years later, the program continues to provide women with vital information. In addition to PSAs, the station airs news stories and produces special features several times a year. Reporter Cristina Flores, mother of three, is the spokesperson and appears in PSAs and videos for the campaign in both English and Spanish. Extensive resources, including a free baby keepsake book with important health reminders and five newsletters, are available through the "Baby Your Baby" Web site. KUTV also distributes the information at health fairs and community events. To date, the program has served more than 100,000 Utah women, and the hotline has answered more than 300,000 calls.

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