WNAC-TV Develops Telethon for Homeless Organization

Topic: Neighbors in Need

When a documentary was made about a homeless man finding help at Crossroads, the largest homeless services organization in the state, WNAC-TV in Providence, R.I., secured the rights and took the opportunity to create a telethon around its airing. During documentary breaks, the two-hour primetime broadcast switched to station-produced vignettes about the shelter and its residents. Viewers were asked to open their hearts and their pocketbooks and pledge by phone or online. The effort raised $85,000 for the shelter, providing greatly needed funding as the housing crisis and economy create an ever-growing demand for the shelterís services. WNAC also has lent support to Crossroads by donating airtime for public service announcements and moving the stationís purchases for print orders to the Crossroads Copy Center, an in-house business where residents of the shelter receive professional training in print production and computer and graphic skills.

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