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KUDL-FM Delivers 30,000 Valentine Cards to Local Hosptial

Topic: Youth-Focused Initiatives

Kids at Children’s Mercy Hospital and elderly in nursing homes had reason to smile last February when the morning show from KUDL-FM in Mission, Kan. delivered more than 30,000 handmade Valentine’s Day cards. The station’s annual "Valentine Card Shower for Children’s Mercy Hospital" has become a community-wide art project. Last February, the station inspired its listeners to take out the scissors, glitter and glue through on-air promotional announcements, a feature story and email blast to 33,000 people. Hundreds of area schools, Boy and Girl Scout troops, church groups and offices joined the long-time effort. Station talent dedicated 20 hours to the event, helping children at the hospital decorate bags to hold their valentines and celebrate the holiday. "We look forward to it for months," said Tom McCormally from Children’s Mercy Hospital. "Children with oxygen and on crutches all make it from their rooms to where we have thousands of valentines spread out. They get as many as they want. It makes Valentine’s special here." KUDL was a National Association of Broadcasters’ Crystal Award Finalist in 2008.

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