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WTLV-TV and WJXX-TV "Buddy Check" Program Focuses on Breast Cancer Awareness

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns

"Buddy Check," a program developed by WTLV-TV and WJXX-TV in Jacksonville, Fla., in partnership with Baptist Medical Center, is helping women find breast cancer early, when it is easiest to treat. Every 12th day of the month, the stations run stories during the morning, early evening and late-night newscasts, reminding women to perform breast self-exams and encouraging them find a buddy who will remind them as well. To highlight the importance of the program, the stations run a monthly feature story about a person who credits finding her breast cancer to "Buddy Check." To date, 285 local women and men have contacted the station to say "Buddy Check" saved their lives. The program was implemented by Jeannie Blaylock, an award-winning anchor whose enthusiasm and dedication to the mission of educating women on the value of early detection has remained one of the programís greatest strengths since its inception 16 years ago. Blaylock continues to speak to groups around the community about the importance of breast self-exams. More than 2 million free "Buddy Check" kits have been distributed to women throughout the globe, and the program has been duplicated in more than 50 U.S. cities.

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