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KTAZ-TV Airs Specials on Organ Donation

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns | VIDEO

Organ and blood donations save lives, and KTAZ-TV in Phoenix, Ariz., uses its time and resources to share this message with viewers. The station produced two 30-minute specials about organ donation, which included testimonials from those waiting for an organ and from families who have donated organs from a loved one. Church representatives and doctors appeared in the programs to talk specifically about donation within the Hispanic community. KTAZ also organized two blood drives at the station. Leading by example, on-air talent donated blood live on the air. Public service announcements and news stories helped to bring in others willing to roll up their sleeves. "Your drive helps to assure that blood is available for patients in need," Keila Estrada of United Blood Services wrote in a letter to the station. "On behalf of United Blood Servicesí staff and the many patients who will benefit, thank you for being part of this important community service."

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