KSAT-TV Holds Telethon for Army Fisher House

Topic: Military-Focused Initiatives

Upon the return of several injured soldiers from the Iraq war, KSAT-TV in San Antonio, Texas, held a day-long telethon for the Army Fisher House, a place where service men and women are taken care of until better healed to return to their lives before the war. The Fisher House also supports the families of our soldiers, helping them learn how to endure the stresses associated with a loved one’s serious medical condition, such as blindness or amputation. The entire KSAT news team was behind the effort, broadcasting 20 live updates and asking for pledges. Viewers’ donations totaled more than $130,000, enough money to fund the Army Fisher House for a year. KSAT’s telethon was particularly noteworthy because the station approached the Fisher House to offer its services; the organization is restricted from asking for any donations or charity work directly. Funds generated by the telethon will be used to improve the facility, provide amenities and enhance the range of services provided. Given the need within the community and the success of the effort, KSAT vowed to hold similar events in the future for both community and military organizations.

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