WCPO-TV Holds ’Careers in Media’ Program

Topic: Education

To introduce students to the world of broadcast journalism, WCPO-TV in Cincinnati, Ohio, began its "Careers in Media" program, which provides internships in the studio to minority high school students. The program aims to inspire local minority students to consider television and other media as they begin thinking about college and their future careers. Resume writing, correspondence, interviewing, time management and college planning are also part of the program. Each year, the station sends a letter and application form to all high schools within WCPO’s broadcast area, and the station’s community affairs director makes visits to high school career days and school assemblies to talk about the opportunity. Each student who participates is required to complete a project, which is presented to parents, teachers and station management at the end of the summer. WCPO has joined forces with local radio, newspaper, Internet and advertising agencies to expand internship opportunities to all facets of mass communication. Since the program began in 2001, 50 students have participated, and 93 percent of them have chosen a media-related field of study in college.

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