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KUSI-TV Launches "Tips for Kids" Campaign

Topic: Youth-Focused Initiatives

Whether itís a tip on how to wear a bike helmet properly or encouragement to stand up and tell the truth, KUSI-TV in San Diego, Calif., has dedicated a regular public service announcement (PSA) series to its youngest audience. The stationís "Tips for Kids" campaign provides advice on an array of topics and airs each Saturday during the stationís childrenís programming. In addition to tips featuring KUSI news anchors and reporters, this year the station gave kids the opportunity to share tips with their fellow youngsters by inviting all first- through sixth-grade teachers in the county to write PSAs with their classes. Morning meteorologist Renee Kohn, accompanied by a camera person, visited each school to record the announcements. During these classroom visits, the children also appeared live on "Good Morning San Diego," where they were able to pass along their tips to the many adults tuned in throughout the viewing area.

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