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KBCO-FM Raises Money for Boulder County AIDS Project

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns

Music lovers start lining up the night before KBCO-FM in Boulder, Colo., releases its "Studio C" CD to make sure they receive a coveted copy. While getting an impressive collection of in-studio recordings by nationally known artists, listeners are also supporting the Boulder County AIDS Project with their purchase. KBCO has released an annual limited-edition CD since 1991, donating more than $500,000 in proceeds toward medical care, support groups and financial assistance for HIV positive women, men and children living in the area. Each year, the 30,000 available copies of the CD sell out within hours. The project is a massive undertaking, requiring 500 hours of staff time. To brew up enthusiasm, the "KBCO Morning Show" conducts interviews with the artists included on the CD leading up to the sale. The station also runs 300 promotional announcements. On the day of the sale, KBCO personalities broadcast live at several locations, and they continue to talk on the air about the massive turnout and support for a week afterward. "KBCO provides the single largest donation that the Boulder County AIDS Project receives from the community. It is 10 percent of our total budget," said Ana Hopperstad, executive director of the Boulder County AIDS Project. "Without KBCO’s unwavering support for the past 15 years, we would not have been able to do the important work of supporting people with HIV and AIDS."

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