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WIS-TV Partners with National Prostate Coalition

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among men in South Carolina, a statistic that prompted WIS-TV in Columbia, S.C., to partner with the National Prostate Coalition and Doctors Care to bring a two-day mobile screening unit to the area. During the event, 807 men received free Prostate Specific Antigen tests, setting a record, according to the National Prostate Coalition. WIS promoted the screenings with live interviews of its partners, as well as news coverage and public service announcements, which began airing two weeks beforehand. The station donated more than $20,000 in airtime to promotion of the event alone. "Through our partnership, men in the local community became better informed regarding annual prostate cancer screenings and the importance of taking ownership of one’s health," said Katie Gorscak from the National Prostate Coalition.

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