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WTVG-TV Hosts 13th Annual Blood Drive

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns | VIDEO

The 13th annual All American Blood Drive, sponsored by WTVG-TV in Toledo, Ohio, offered viewers an untraditional way to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday. The 13-hour kick-off event marked the beginning of a nine-day campaign to increase blood donations during summer, a time when blood needs are often greater than the supply. WTVG broadcast live from the event both in the morning and at noon, and then held an afternoon employee blood drive at the station. Public service announcements featuring on-air personalities and news coverage added to the support. "WTVGs sponsorship has been huge and amazing for us over these past 13 years. They are always willing and ready to jump in," said Annie Marckel from the American Red Cross Blood Services, Western Lake Erie Region. Each of the 168 people who gave blood on the day of the kick-off event saved up to three lives with their donation.

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