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WPOZ-FM, WMYZ-FM , WHYZ-FM Launch “Ellis and Tyler’s Dash for Health”

Topic: Health Awareness Campaigns

New Year’s resolutions to eat right and work out are always easier to keep with a little encouragement, which is why WPOZ-FM, WMYZ-FM and WHYZ-FM in Orlando, Fla., started “Ellis and Tyler’s Dash for Health.” The stations’ morning show team, Ellis Feaster and Tyler McKenzie, invited listeners to join an eight-week wellness initiative, with an ultimate goal of getting both themselves and their fans healthier. Each weekday, local health experts went on the air to give helpful advice about everything from eliminating high-fat foods from the dinner table to finding a balance between family, work and a healthier lifestyle. In addition, weekly emails containing tips and practical recipe ideas were sent to participants, and free “Dash for Health” exercise classes were offered at area YMCAs. “We feel this is an amazing opportunity to join with the community to learn how to make healthier lifestyle changes a priority in 2009,” said McKenzie.

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