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WANE-TV Helps Indiana Youth Choir Travel to World Choir Games in China

Topic: Youth-Focused Initiatives

LIN Media-owned WANE-TV Fort Wayne, Ind., has been a key community supporter of the Voices of Unity Youth Choir (VOU), an award-winning local ensemble of youth, ages 8 - 19. Recently, VOU was chosen as one of four U.S. choirs to compete in the World Choir Games in Shaoxing, China. In order to compete, the group needed to raise close to a half a million dollars in less than six months to send 83 singers, plus chaperones and musicians, across the globe. The fundraising was a total community effort, and WANE-TV was able to provide viewers with a front seat to the performance through its "Dreams of Gold" campaign. The initiative featured interviews, news coverage and a schedule of public service announcements valued at more than $66,000. As a result of WANE-TVís "Dreams of Gold" campaign, the choir raised enough money to represent Fort Wayne on a global stage and returned home with two gold medals.

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