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Gannett’s Maine Stations Host 4 Debates in One Week

Topic: Politics and Election Coverage

Gannett Broadcasting’s WCSH-TV Portland and WLBZ-TV Bangor, Maine have sponsored and aired several political forums during the primary election season, as part of the Voice of the Voter series. WCSH-TV Portland held a 30-minute debate for Republican candidates running in Maine’s First District on May 29 and a similar 30-minute debate for Republican candidates running for Maine’s Second District seat on May 30, which WLBZ-TV also ran. The following week, both WCSH-TV and WLBZ-TV broadcast a 60-minute senatorial debate for six Republican candidates including Rick Bennett, Scott D’Amboise, Debra Plowman, Bruce Poliquin, William Schneider and Charlie Summers, on June 4. The Gannett stations held an hour-long debate for the Democratic candidates on June 6 featuring Cynthia Dill, Matthew Dunlap, Jon Hinck and Benjamin Pollard.

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