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Journal Broadcasting’s 2012 Election Coverage

Topic: Politics and Election Coverage

Journal Broadcasting’s "2012 Red, White and Blue Election Initiative" provided election news on TV and news-talk radio stations in the 30 days before the election. These stations aired at least 10 minutes of prime time coverage of federal, state and local candidates each weekday, posted election news online and on social media and aired "Get out the Vote" PSAs: KIVI-TV and KNIN-TV Boise; WFTX-TV Fort-Myers, Fl.; WSYM-TV Lansing, Mich.; KTNV-TV Las Vegas; WTMJ-TV and WTMJ-AM Milwaukee; KMTV Omaha; KMIR-TV Palm Springs, Calif.; KTTS-FM and KSGF-AM/FM Springfield, Mo.; KGUN-TV, KWBA-TV and KQTH-FM Tucson; KFAQ-AM Tulsa; and KFDI-FM and KLIO-AM Wichita.

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