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Service to Children Award for Radio

Topic: Youth-Focused Initiatives
Date Posted: 1/7/2014

Each year, WGY organizes The WGY Christmas Wish Campaign benefiting children in the Northeast, with a particular attention to critical care services and recreational programs for ill, underprivileged and homeless youths. Though taking place over the winter months, this multi-faceted fundraising effort reaches long and deep to help support local nonprofits in their year-round efforts to improve the lives of children 19 and under. In 2012, the campaign raised more than $94,000, directly benefiting more than 100 nonprofit children’s organizations who applied for grants from WGY. In addition to the administering of these grants, the station’s many activities included online and on-air promotions for the campaign, a live broadcast from a Breakfast with Santa Event, a 240 minute minithon fundraiser highlighting numerous local charities, testimonials and stories of impact and countless hours of support from WGY staff. What began as WGY’s wish has become a sustained and successful mission to fight for our children.

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