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WFAA-TV Collects Thousands of Wedding Dresses to Make Angel Gowns for BabieS

Topic: Neighbors in Need
Date Posted: 5/14/2014

Gannett’s ABC affiliate WFAA-TV Dallas reporter Janet St. James recently reported on a local nonprofit, NICU Helping Hands, whose mission is to take donated wedding gowns and turn them in to beautiful Angel Gowns. These gowns serve as burial and baptismal gowns for babies who do not make it home from the hospital. After posting the story on WFAA-TV’s Facebook page, the outpouring of viewers who wanted to donate their dresses led to a one-week, wedding dress donation drive at the station. Over 1,000 wedding dresses were donated locally, and since the story went viral, over 3,000 wedding dresses have been donated from across the country. Each donated dress will make approximately 12 Angel Gowns. NICU Helping Hands volunteers estimate their warehouse now holds enough wedding dresses to make over 40,000 Angel Gowns. Click here to watch video of the dress drive.

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